Browse through the detailed list of the screening films of the 1st Oslo Short Film Festival edition and explore our diverse programme.

Blackfeet Flood

Butch New Breast left The Blackfeet Reservation in 1964 when a flood washed away his home, his parents and sister. He returns 50 years later "to see if I can still get that feeling, like I am Blackfeet."

Torsten Kjellstrand, Ben Shors

Blue Butterfly

Lee Choeng Cho and Kim Moon-Tae, two South Korean painters… Using colors and shapes, they travel the world to imagine a utopia. They want to share brushes and paints with people and give the world a message of well-being. Their journey passes in Turkey, South Korea and Ukraine. After the separation between two artist’s we’re focusing on Lee’s individual change. Even if they hit the road with the most sacred goal, they're human beings.

Okan Erünsal

Dominant Species

A queer sci-fi about 10 aliens in human host bodies learning how to be men.

Joseph Sackett


When a lifelong friend departs, a stubborn old man has to face his inner fears in order to restore peace to his mind.

Katarina Lundquist

Hard Shoulder

Mie and Thomas are carpooling with three passengers across country for a family gathering where they will reveal their pregnancy. The trip runs smoothly, until Mie's initial gut feeling about Thomas knowing one of the passengers is exposed as being true. Mie hits the brakes in the middle of the highway in a attempt to force the truth out in the open – ending the trip in the hard shoulder, leaving the relationship and herself bleeding.

Lisa Svelmøe


]Jerry – a cheater, healer – stigmatized by the local community – is an ambivalent, leading character. He helps some people, others think he is extremely dangerous. Being tired of his own life – he is suddenly gifted with real healing powers – that is incarnated in…. a dog. Will Jerry believe in it and will the local community believe in Jerry?

Roman Przylipiak

La Chrysalide

Two sisters are competing within a figure skating team. The coach is training them for the ice ballet, which reinforces the competition between Lucie and Esther. By fear of being replaced, Esther persecutes her little sister, resulting in days of mental and physical exhaustion that will force Lucie to break.

Lily Landecy

Lowland Kids

As climate change erases the Louisiana coast, the last two teenagers on Isle de Jean Charles fight to stay on an island that's been their family home for generations.

Sandra Winther


After her mothers death, Carolien started wondering more and more about the concept of autonomy. Making choices seems like a matter of course, your own right to shape your life just the way you want it to be. But how valuable is life when you’re not able to make your own choices?

Carolien van Maaswaal


It´s a birthday party at a public pool disco, and underdog Ronja challenges the girls’ alpha female to battle for dominance. The game escalates quickly, and as the thirst for power grows, Ronja and the other girls lose control.

Fanny Ovesen


In the remote forests of the Scottish Highlands, an ageing stalker sets his wits and grit against a young poacher, who is taking the heads of his best stags.

Christopher Andrews

Talking Soil

As soon as the weather conditions allow it, they meet up somewhere in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are seasonal workers, however they do not harvest raspberries, they search for landmines.

Jan Baumgartner


"Telephone" is a journey into the world of sound. The sense of meaning sounds can imbue and the memory of sound in the face of silence. Set around Barentsburg, Svalbard. The film follows Viktor, a miner with a tender soul, on the verge of losing his hearing. Lost among the unforgiving white of the arctic his reality melts into only one urge – connection. He must try to contact his son, his only lifeline. But what can be said down the line of silence awaiting him?

Alistair Cheyne

The Big Break

Ted has always wanted to win just once in life. When the opportunity to be a modern-day hero arises, will he finally triumph?

Philip Andelman

The Culture

It’s the opening night at the concert house where Arvid works, but when his sister steals the spotlight, his worst sides are revealed.

Ernst De Geer

The Dry Valley

In Northern Europe, Roma beggars have become a common sight. We often talk about how their presence affect the city life – but how does it affect the places they leave? Two Norwegian filmmakers go on a journey through what has been called Romania’s Scandinavian Village. An unexpected and poetic portrayal of the effects of migration on those who leave and those who stay behind.

Julie Lunde Lillesæter

The New Neighbours

The town of Tapa, located 90 km from Tallinn, is in a peculiar situation: the descendants of Soviet military are living in a so called "military settlement" neighbouring NATO armed forces just few hundred meters away.

Riho Västrik

When Pride Came To Town

After leaving his rural hometown to escape homophobia, Bjørn-Tore returns decades later to participate in its first Pride parade. A provocative yet heartwarming story about the clash between conservatism and sexual freedom in one of Europe’s most liberal countries. We meet 52-year old Norwegian Bjørn-Tore, who fled to the big city in order to escape the everyday homophobia he experienced in his rural hometown. When the very same village is hosting Norway's first rural Pride parade, Bjørn-Tore is filled with mixed emotions about returning. Tension rise as a local church group organize an anti-LGBTQ rally, just weeks before the parade.

Julia Dahr, Julie Lunde Lillesæter