Screening Programme 2022

Screening Programme 2022




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A Town Still Standing

Marvin Meckes, Lukas Fuhrimann

Nestled behind high mountains and dark forests lies Triberg, the birthplace of the cuckoo clock. For centuries, this cult item has been handcrafted right here, attracting tourists from all over the world. Ever since the boom of the 1980s has faded, the cuckoo clock has gradually lost its appeal and magic. And so has the place, which now resembles a ghost town. Between abandoned restaurants and empty souvenir shops, the residents eagerly hope for the return of tourists. MORE

Snow White

Lana Barić

Željka is a 40-year-old woman, living a quiet life in an isolated village. An unexpected visit will take her back to the past, shaking up her daily routine. MORE

Vlada Goes to London

Arti Savchenko

Vlada is a pizza delivery girl who lives in Haifa and dreams of becoming a famous DJ. Within a five-hour shift, we get a glimpse into her world full of pressure where she's willing to do whatever it takes to find the money for a flight to perform at a festival in London. MORE


Aslak Danbolt

It’s Christmas Eve, and Synnøve is searching for her drug-addicted daughter Michelle in an almost desolated city. (Synnøve and Michelle are mother and daughter in real life and play versions of themselves in a story that is very close to their own lives.) MORE

The Beyond

Daniel Maurer

Mathieu is working in the morgue of a regional hospital center. How does he relate to these people whose souls have recently left their bodies? MORE

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Lay Me by the Shore

David Findlay

Lay Me by the Shore' follows a week in the life of a trans boy in his final days of school as he comes to terms with his best friend’s recent passing. Exploring the raw, potent emotions of youth through the prism of grief, the film lends an empathetic eye on a young person’s very immediate but suppressed emotions. Drenched in the warm light of long June days and with the intimidating spectre of an uncertain future looming, the tale is told from the perspective of the recently deceased — an omniscient and benevolent presence. MORE


Luke Benward

Two boys let their imagination run wild in a barren desert, but the fun and games come to a shocking halt. MORE

Contraception is not for pussies (Baas in eigen zak)

Lynn Deen

Imagine: Screaming children, sleepless nights and no more spontaneous nights out with your friends; for most men, unplanned parenthood sounds like the ultimate nightmare. Gone are the days of not worrying about anything. Gone are the times of being playful, young, and building a future. However, when it comes to sex, men seem to experience a position of privilege, getting the pleasures without taking any of the responsibilities. Many of them put complete trust in their partner to be in charge of birth control, putting these men in a dangerously dependent position. Because can you really trust your one-night stand? Do men have any autonomy over their own sperm? Are condoms or a vasectomy really the only two options for them? Isn’t it about time that men take charge of their own fertility? In this short, fragmental documentary we’ll accompany young men, confronted with their own reproductive responsibilities and the male-female relations that define our current day society. MORE


Mauritz Brekke Solberg

In "July." Tarjei meets his old friends during the summer holidays, some years after they left high school. In the pressing summer heat, old loves flourish and everything seems to be as it once was. But when the group is faced with a difficult choice during a childish game, Tarjei involuntarily witnesses his own moral shortcomings and begins to question everything he holds dear. MORE

The Birdwatchers

Riccardo Cavosi

The good friends Kim and Luigi are two mid-aged birdwatchers that go everyday to the same bench. Their routine turns upside down when unexpected encounters meet their way: a tale of bravado, battles and friendship! MORE



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Our Land

Alexandra Genova

‘Our Land’ is the story of Britain’s black farmers, food growers and activists who are shaking up the system; carving their own path in the predominantly white agricultural industry. MORE

We are not dead yet

Joanne Rakotoarisoa

As they spend one last summer night together, a group of young Ukrainians shares their hopes and dreams for the future. But one of them must choose before the sun rises: reporting to the draft office calling him to war or fleeing the country? MORE


Bastien Solignac

Etienne,18, tries to find his place within his family. The father, a former skinhead, can’t bear any longer his son’s behavior. He finds him indolent, lazy, dreamy, a night bird. Yet the young man is looking for his father’s admiration, while opposing him at the same time. This paradox, this identity crisis will bring Etienne to a point of no return one morning when his father asks him to come and help him dismantle a small camp of refugees just outside the village…. MORE

The dog

Daniel Cortázar

A down-on-his-luck sales agent hits a large dog while he is driving. But when the dog disappears, he finds himself in dire staits when the insurance company tells him he must find the dog in order to fix his damaged car. MORE

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The Nannies

Signe Barvild Stæhr

When I was 5 years old, I lost my mother. She died unexpected in the night, and when I woke up, everything was different.My father seemed like he was a changed man. We have never talked about the incident that night or the following years. As I can't remember much, I have contacted the nannies that stayed with me and my family in the end of the 80 ́s. In my family we have never spoken about this period before, so the film is about two things: To talk about something, which we – at least in my family – don’t talk about normally, and to recreate something forgotten. I do the film because I feel a big loss by having a black hole from when I was 5 up till 7 years old. It is my hope, that the film can inspire others to look at their past with new eyes in a way that allows new stories and narratives to develop. I am the main character of the film, as I try to reconstruct a forgotten time of my life. My father is also present in the film both as my helper (as only he can tell me about what happened in the night my mother died) and as an opponent (as he doesn’t always like to talk about this). Because my nannies stayed at my family’s address, I have found their names and their phone numbers through the registry office in the suburb, where I grew up. The film is a character driven story about a daughter trying to relive the past and a father trying to avoiding the past and a meeting with the women who coincidentally ended up as my nannies in the end of the 80’s. The film can be categorized as a performative documentary. As I started the project, I had an idea that I would found out ‘what really happened’ during the years that I can’t remember. I have now realized that my ‘witnesses’ have quite different explanations and memories. The film uses these ‘colliding realities’ in a creative way in which the film is build up around a fragmentary structure. In the film we see tableaus of young nannies performing my lost memories. The film also consists of playful images of crowds of nannies from the 80's taking over my childhood street. MORE


Steve Bache

Because she regrets that she has been given up her child for adoption, a young woman sets out to find her now six-year-old daughter. MORE

Young Hearts

Emilie Vandenameele

It's summer's end, Arthur, Yuna, Lucie and Jurijn are seventeen. As they enjoy their last moments of freedom by the pond, hearts and bodies are in search for each other, desperately trying to connect. On this hot summer day, they face the inner turmoil of adolescence. MORE


Olivier La Combe

Adryen is an amateur apneist. Far from clichés about this discipline, he tells us about his sensations and takes us into deep immersion, in search of his first 60 meters. MORE